How It Works


1. Register


If you would like your dog to attend dog daycare, you will firstly need to register with us.

Registration includes some simple questions that will give us important information about your dog, such as vaccinations, neutering, allergies, etc. 

Click the button below to open our registration form.

2. Tour of the facilities


Once you’ve completed the registration process, we invite you to come and visit us here at Park Your Paws.

This provides you with an opportunity to see our facilities, for you to meet us and discuss your dog’s needs, also for us to assess your dog and for them to assess us!

Please only visit by appointment. Dogs enjoy routine and it can be extremely disruptive to have unexpected visitors – especially when they’re sleeping!

3. Arrival process


Drop off is between 7.00am – 9.45am. You can find directions by clicking the button below.

On arrival, bring your dog into the main office ensuring that you close the gate.

4 .Collection process


Collection is between 3.00pm – 6.00pm.

When you collect your dog, one of our team members will let you know about your dog’s day, and will then bring your dog out to you (after a goodbye treat of course)!

5 .Payment

All prices are agreed in advance. For one-off visits, payment must be made on collection. Regular visitors will be invoiced. Payment terms are 14 days of invoice.