About Park Your Paws

5 Star Council Rated
Licence No. LI22_000540

Providing Safe, Convenient Exercise for Your Bestie

Park Your Paws was founded in 2014 by Lisa Robinson, who has always loved having dogs in her life.

Living on a farm provided an ideal opportunity to give up her office-based job and provide a fun, stimulating and safe environment for people to leave their much-loved dogs.

We understand that owning a dog is a 24 hour a day responsibility. Sometimes, work, social commitments and much needed time away mean that we need to leave our much-loved dog in the care of someone else. This can sometimes be a difficult decision to make but leaving your dog with us provides so many benefits.

  • Instead of waiting for you to come, your dog will be with other dogs, able to play, exercise and socialise as they please, all with the addition of human companionship.
  • Your dog will have two, one hour off lead walks per day in our dedicated, safe and secure sand school area.
  • Your dog will be cared for by our experienced team and treated as part of our Park Your Paws family. Our priority is the welfare and happiness of your dog. They will get plenty of exercise, playtime, fun, attention, fuss and affection whilst they are with us and will be under constant supervision.
  • Your dog will gain excellent social skills and quickly become a valued part of our Park Your Paws family.
  • You will have piece of mind knowing that your dog is looking forward to dog day care rather than being left alone at home.

We vet each dog to ensure that they will be a happy addition to our family. Each dog is assessed for social skills, aggression and flight instinct, and most importantly, to see if they want to be a part of our family. We consider whether your dog is right for the environment and whether the environment is right for your dog.

Our friendly team members are dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced and also hold certificates in Animal First Aid. Our Team Leader also holds a Level 3 Certificate in Animal Management.

At Park Your Paws, our utmost priority is the welfare and happiness of your dog. We pride ourselves on making sure that every dog is a valued member of our Park Your Paws family.

We are reliable – we are open throughout the year, whatever the weather. You can rely on us to take the very best care of your much-loved dog.

We can be trusted – Trust is everything when it comes to leaving a valued member of your family with us. We have created a safe, loving and fun environment for your dog to enjoy spending time with us giving you total peace of mind.

You don’t have to take our word for it. We have received a maximum 5-star review from Cornwall Council which means that we have been assessed for our facilities, animal care, training, risk assessments, health and safety and policies and procedures. You can also read our customer testimonials to hear first hand what our customers think about the care we provide.

We are fully insured.