Pet Requirements & FAQs

Your dog must be assessed

Your dog must be assessed to ensure that they will be a happy addition to our family. This is a two-stage process and gives you an opportunity to assess us! If you are down on holiday, please contact us so that we can fast track this process for you.

Fully vaccinated

All dogs must be fully vaccinated, including kennel cough. Up to date vaccination records must be viewed and copied by a member of our team on or before your dog’s first visit, and then every year. This is a requirement for our Council Registration and insurance.

Flea & Worms

Please ensure that your dog has regular flea and worm treatments.

No dogs in season

For obvious reasons, we cannot accept female dogs whilst they are in season.

Puppies welcome

Puppies are welcome. We take extra care to ensure that they are integrated into the pack and have plenty of rest for their growing bones.

At least six weeks of ownership

You must have had your dog for at least six weeks so that you have had a chance to observe their behaviour.

ID Tags

All dogs must wear a collar with an ID tag (this is now law). Please enter and leave with your dog on a lead.

No sickness

Please do not bring your dog if they are sick or have recently had surgery. This includes sickness/diarrhoea, discharge from eyes, ears or nose, skin infections or coughing. If your dog has recently had surgery, please ensure that you have veterinary approval before bringing them to us.

What do I need to bring on my first visit?
Your dog! Your completed registration form (if not completed online or previously sent) and dog’s original vaccination card.
Do you offer hourly or part day care?

I’m afraid not. Introducing a dog for a few hours disturbs the routine of the existing pack and can be disruptive.

Do you offer a collection/drop-off service?

For day care and home boarding, collection and drop-off is not possible as our dogs are never left unattended. However, with our dog walking service, collection and drop-off to and from an agreed location is included.

Why do some of your dogs wear muzzles?

There are many reasons that dogs wear muzzles – some eat faeces (or other inappropriate things), some are nervous, some are prone to playing too roughly and some breeds can be more dominant than others. Muzzles are only used with the agreement of the owner and only when completely necessary.

What if my dog becomes unwell during their stay?

We always take the time to get to know each member of our Park Your Paws family which means that we can quickly identify if they are unwell. We will always attempt to contact you (using your emergency contact details). If your dog is unwell and if necessary, we will do our best to take your dog to your preferred vet, but we also have local vets within a 2 mile radius. All our team members are Animal First Aid trained.

What if my dog is boarding with you and our return is delayed?

Don’t panic. If you are able to contact us to let us know, that would be appreciated, but we will obviously continue with your dog’s care until you return.

Un-neutered males
We are unable to take mature male dogs that have not been neutered.