Eden Project: Junos’ Day at Daycare

Jun 17, 2024

Recently we had Juno visit us! She is on Holiday in Cornwall with her Family and they wished to visit the Eden Project! Whilst it is great that the site is Dog friendly outside – her family wanted to make the most of their trip there and take a look around the famous biomes, and as we are only a short drive away from there, enquired with us about Juno spending her day here – we were happy to help!!

Junos’ family completed all the paperwork beforehand so when Juno arrived at 9.30am she had some introductions with the other dogs to make sure everyone got on and that she was going to have a fun day here and her family said goodbye and made their way to the Eden Project for the day!

Shortly after arriving Juno joined the regular pack on their walk in our secure sand paddock where she loved playing ball and found playmates in fellow Labradors Lugo and Sandy – both weekly regulars to the group 🙂

After the walk when everyone was nice and tired, they headed back to the playroom for some quiet time over lunch, then back out for another walk to finish off her day!

Juno was collected at 3.45pm happy and tired after a fun day at Doggy Daycare! And we hope that her family had a great day out at the Eden Project knowing Juno was safe and having her own fun adventure!

Here are some photos of her enjoying her time with us 🙂